Lab members are teaching in the new International Master in Sustainable Drug Discovery (S-DISCO)

03 octobre 2023 par Super Administrateur
| From September 2023 |

The programme is organized by 4 European universities, i.e. Ghent University, Medical University of Gdańsk, University of Lille and the University of Groningen.

Students will perform a master thesis in one of the partner institutions or with one of the numerous associated partners (incl. industry, competent authorities and research institutions).

EMR 9002 lab members are giving lectures in the third semester of this 2-year Master programme. Specifically, we are involved in both the Block of teaching units 2: Sustainable approaches to identify hits and in the Block of teaching units 4: Sustainable approaches to validate target engagement.

Several stages in the drug discovery process are discussed, i.e. NMR fragment screening, NMR spectroscopy of proteins, recombinant expression of protein targets, biomolecular interaction techniques (NMR, SPR, PROTAC, ITC…), Structural biology (NMR, crystallography, Cryo-EM…).