The lab is partner of 3 new projects in the ANR AAPG2022 call: NanoTarget, Coronem & Haptoheme

01 octobre 2022 par Super Administrateur
| From October, 2022 |

The lab is a partner of 3 new AAPG2022 ANR projects

NanoTarget – Intracellular targeting of Tau-specific single domain antibodies

Partner: Isabelle Landrieu – Coordinator: Christian Hackenberger (DE) – PRCI ANR/DFG

Coronem – Characterization of the role of betacoronavirus M protein in viral assembly

Partner: Xavier Hanoulle – Coordinator: Sandrine Belouzard – PRC ANR

Haptoheme – Molecular mechanisms of heme acquisition by Haemophilus influenzae Hgps

Partner: Vincent Villeret – Coordinator: Nathalie Dautin – PRC ANR


From October, 2022 aapg-2022-selection-PRCI-DFG.pdf  aapg-selection-2022-4-28072022.pdf